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Our innovative approach to education adapts to the personality, tastes, and learning style of each student.  The goal is to harness self-expression as the primary driver for growth and learning to shape a curriculum that uniquely suits the personality, tastes, and learning style of each student. 


This approach creates the foundation for life-long learning and, most importantly, can be applied to any craft, subject, or discipline.


​This is what drives our educational philosophy and is what differentiates us from the traditional lesson model.  All of this is made possible through the incredible dedication of teachers that understand musicianship  both inside (and especially) outside the confines of a textbook. 


Our approach to education is based on years of research in the areas of learning, neuroscience, and even anthropology. 


​Consider for a moment how you learned to speak English.  It wasn't through academic study of grammar and you certainly didn't learn to speak by learning to read first.  The first words you learned to use were the ones most relevant to you.  From there you were able to rapidly build upon this knowledge in increasingly complex ways. You learned that tone and phrasing matter a great deal because even if you don't know what the words mean, you can still understand. 


You learned to read and you learned rules of grammar once you could use the language to communicate. 


​When you study with a traditional model, you are forced to read and learn to play at the same time.  This requires a tremendous amount of effort that inherently eliminates any chance of having fun due to the cognitive demands.  Furthermore, the songs have to be so basic and simple that even when they are learned they are no fun to play!  For most people - especially kids - this is impossible to sustain.


​Our idea was to flip the traditional model on its head and give students the opportunity to learn in ways that their brain is able to process and absorb naturally, making it fun, engaging - and most importantly - highly effective!

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