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Band Program FAQ

The bands aren't breaking up just because #MetaFest is over!  By default, all bands continue with their established rehearsal schedule.  With that in mind...
Every band member must choose one of the following options so we can plan accordingly:


Option 1: Stay in your current band


If you like your group, your teacher, and feel appropriately challenged - this option is for you!  Your schedule will stay the same and you’ll be in prime position to play in many (or all) of the gigs that we’ll be hosting all summer long.


Q: But what if we’ll be traveling all summer?


A: Great question!  If you want to stay in your current band, you have the option to reserve your spot until you return.  The “hiatus” reservation fee is $49 and covers up to 4 weeks.  After that, normal billing resumes.  If you need to extend your hiatus, no problem!  Simply renew your hiatus.  


Q: What happens if I don’t hold my spot?


A: It will likely be filled very quickly.  We have a pretty long waiting list for the band program and will do our best to keep all bands at full strength.  


Q: How do I stay in my band and/or activate my hiatus?


A: Complete this form as soon as possible 


Option 2: Change bands, re-enter the audition pool


If you enjoyed being in a band but are interested in making a change, you can do so without any drama!  If you opt for a change, you’ll re-enter the audition pool and be placed in a band that more suits what you’re looking for.  


Q: How do the auditions work?


A: Unlike the first round of auditions, everything will be in-person.  Auditions will be less than 15 minutes and can typically be booked as part of your normal lesson schedule.   


Q: What is the audition format?


A: The basic format will be an objective assessment of skill on your/their primary instrument as well as any secondary instruments.  This will consist of chords, scales, beats, and a bit of music theory.  We’ll also ask auditionees to bring a list of songs they know and we’ll have them play a few things from their list.


Q: Should I be nervous to audition?


A: Nope!  


Q: Is there an audition fee?  


A: If your audition is part of your lesson, no.  If you would like to schedule a time outside of your lesson you can book a 30 minute audition for $20.   


Q: When do I need to complete my audition?


A: The sooner the better.  We’ll be forming new bands on June 1st.   


Q: If I select this option, do I have to start a band on June 1st?  


A: Not necessarily.  If you’re not ready to join a band until August, auditioning now will put you at the top of the list when we’re forming bands for the fall semester.  


Q: What if I’m changing bands because I want to be in a band with specific people?


A: No problem.  There’s a section on the form to let us know if there are specific people you want to play with.  If there are specific people you don’t want to play with, you can let us know about that as well.


Q: How do I select this option and sign up for an audition?


A: Complete this form as soon as possible!


Option 3: Drop out completely


This one is pretty self explanatory.  If you no longer want to be in a band, this is the option for you.  However, we still need to know what you’re planning to do, so please complete the form as soon as possible.*


*We aim to be the best in the world at what we do, so we welcome constructive criticism.  If necessary, there’s a section in the form where you can really blast us, so feel free to take advantage of the opportunity.  :) We carefully review each submission, so we promise that it will be read by a human that can remedy the situation if you’ll allow us the opportunity.  If a remedy isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s ok too.  


Q: If I stop participating in a band, do I have to stop taking private lessons or other group lessons?


A: Of course not!  You can continue taking lessons in any format that suits your needs.

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