Weekly Lessons • Individual


For us, this is the gold standard format and our 45+ minute weekly lesson is the best deal in town.

Membership is billed monthly at $229, which breaks down to about $54/lesson because some months include an extra 5th lesson at no cost to you.  We never charge a registration fee and membership is on a month-to-month basis so there is no long term contract to worry about.  Plus, if you ever need to reschedule a session, our make up policy is the most student-friendly in the industry!

Weekly Lessons • Parent/Child


For parents that want to learn along with their kids, this is a great option.  For an additional $25/month you can join your child on a weekly basis - or whenever you feel like it - and we'll craft a lesson plan around songs that you can play together, even if you're learning different instruments!

Weekly Lessons • Siblings


Under the right circumstances, either when siblings are very close in age or are at the same skill level, this collaborative format works great.  For an even $300/month, the kids can share a lesson time and learn to play together!  For younger students, we typically recommend individual lessons. However, if this option sounds like a good fit for your family it's a great way to increase the value while also encouraging them to play together - win win!

Recording Studio Time

Whether you are a singer/songwriter or a 12 person band, we are uniquely positioned to accommodate your production and recording needs.  Best of all, because we're a educational studio at heart, you'll feel right at home recording without the intimidation or pressure that you're likely to find at more traditional studios.

Each recording project is different, so please call us for pricing information.



Virtual lessons are an option for all students, but if you are interested in virtual-only lessons we are ready, willing, and able to help!  For details on special pricing for virtual-only students, please give us a call!

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