Weekly lessons


In-studio & virtual

Weekly lessons are billed monthly at $229, which is a flat rate.  This means that when there is the occasional 5th lesson in a given month there is no additional charge.  


We are ethically opposed to registration fees so there is no cost to sign up and we do not require long term contracts.  


For more information on our student-friendly policies, click here.


recording sessions


We do all of our recording sessions on Saturdays because it is the one day we don't do in-studio lessons, giving you access to the entire studio with no distractions.  

Sessions are booked for a minimum of 2 hours at a flat rate of $120.  For each hour afterwards the rate is $50*.  All sessions include a producer/engineer.  If requested, mixing and mastering is a separate billable event and pricing varies depending on the scope of the project.**

For more information, please click here 


*For larger projects, we will work with you to reduce the hourly price.  This is done on a case by case basis depending on the nature of your project.

**If you're using the studio to sketch out ideas, jam with your band, or rehearse for an upcoming show, you probably won't need mixing and mastering.  If you're working on an album you expect to publish, you will definitely want to have your project professionally mixed and mastered.

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