Private and Group Lessons

immersive  |  project-based  |  modern


Meta Music is immersive, project-based
music education for people of all ages.

Our innovative approach to music education adapts to the unique personality, interests, and learning style of each student.  We show students how music can be their creative outlet and a catalyst for tremendous inner growth discovery.


Most importantly, we show them how the lessons that music teaches us 

can be applied to all aspects of their life.


Recording Studio

safe  |  professional   |  judgement-free

Professional .recording studio,
at your service.

Meta Music offers a uniquely judgement-free space to write, record, and even publish your music.  Whether you have tons of experience or none at all, our team of producers and engineers will make you shine.

Whether you're a Meta Music student, a band, or just somebody that has always wanted to record a song, the studio experience is unlike anything else.


Camps & Band Programs

bands  |  gigs  |  camps

Start a band, play some gigs, or go camping

The Recording Artist Development Program takes you and your band the genuine recording studio experience, guiding you through the entire process of writing, recording, and releasing your music.  At the end of the program, we publish your album through through our mothership, Mobile Ohm Records, to Spotify, Apple Music, and every other major outlet.  We even help you get gigs and take the next steps as an artist.

Meta Music Camps always sell out because they offer a unique opportunity to have a genuine recording studio experience for an entire week.  What do you get?  Lifelong friends and an EP on Spotify.

This is exactly what you wanted when you were kid.