The Meta Music family lost a foundational member this week with the passing of Mrs. Deena Pargman.  She represented everything I want to be as a person, a parent, and a professional.  She is irreplaceable and will be missed every single day.  She’s survived by her three sons, her husband, and seventeen bazillion friends. 


Without Deena, it’s unlikely that Meta Music would be here at all and it is an indisputable fact that we wouldn’t be the same without her guidance and input (watch this linked video for a sense of what I mean). 


Deena was Meta Music's Team Mom, and although her role as such was technically unofficial, it was obvious to everybody and she played it as naturally has her son Manny plays the drums.  Effortlessly and with joy.  She radiated motherly energy and having her around made me feel safe.  


We are all incredibly blessed to have known her.  For me, her passing serves a harsh reminder that life is unpredictable and that I should not take myself or my problems so seriously.  I should have more dance parties in my kitchen.  I should slow down.  I should remember that most of the things I’m concerned about don’t actually matter, and that I should relax.  For my remaining time on Earth I feel a renewed sense of urgency to follow her example as a person that truly lives - with gusto and enthusiasm. 


I feel compelled to remind people that I love them, to call my parents more, and to appreciate every second - even when I’m stressed out, worried, or experiencing any other negative state - because finding the beauty and the optimism in all things and in every situation is what she would have recommended.  It’s easy to be hypnotized by the conveyor belt of distractions that modernity gives us, but it’s times like this that remind me to wake up and reevaluate my self, my life, my business, and my "problems". 


Tell your kids you love them, tell your parents you love them, and have the occasional dance party because at the end of the day that is truly living.  Rest in peace, Deena.  We are forever grateful for you, your innumerable contributions to Planet Earth, and the example you set for how to do Life the right way.

-Adam & The Meta Music Crew