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Group Lessons

A new kind of team sport

Group lessons are an amazing way to begin your musical journey, collaborate creatively, and be a part of something special.

Group Lesson Formats

Group Lesson Formats

Music 360

Start here, go anywhere

Music 360 is the foundational piece of musicianship, created specifically for elementary-age beginners. 


The goal is to enable kids to experience the joy of making and playing music.  Along the way they'll build the confidence and enthusiasm necessary to truly take their game to the next level. 


They learn a lot, but it definitely doesn't feel like school.   

Music 360 Expansion Pack

Now Available!

Group Jam Classes

Take your game to the next level


Music is a language, and just like any other language, speaking with other people is an essential part of the process.  Group Jam Classes are the perfect way to go beyond private lessons into conversational fluency.

With beginner, intermediate, and expert groups available, you're sure to find something

that will resonate with you to create both a challenging and a fun experience.  

Coming Soon...

Music for Babies

A unique opportunity for parents to bond with their children during a precious developmental window.  Starts January 2023!

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