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Introducing: Music 360

Meta Music is excited to announce a brand new group lesson format, specifically designed for beginners!

Every parent knows that you want to get your kids exposed to music as early as possible...

but if you're like most parents with kids in elementary school, you're not quite sure if they're ready for private lessons.  Good news: Music 360 is a program specifically designed for you! 

How does it work?

Music 360 takes students on a journey that builds strong foundational skills in 4 key areas:


Technical Skill

Essential Music Theory




The main idea is to teach the most universal elements of music as directly as possible: rhythm and harmony.  We accomplish this by focusing on two specific instruments: keyboard and drums.  The keyboard teaches harmony, the drums teach rhythm, and we put it all together with songwriting and jamming as a group. 

Our goal is to equip students with the tools and experience they’ll need to thrive in any musical environment and also enable them to learn any instrument with ease because they’ve become fluent in the language of music. 


Leveling Up

Our curriculum is designed so that each student can advance through each level at their own pace by completing a specific set of challenges, similar to how you would advance through different belts in Karate.  Because it doesn't feel like school, the kids learn a lot, have tons of fun, and are excited to come back each week!


Getting Started

If your kids are in elementary school, this is the perfect way to begin their path to musicianship.  To get started, click the link below or give us a call!




"To put it simply: the better you are, the more fun it is.  For beginners, repetition and total immersion in the early stages of learning are key to rising from the ranks of the beginner into levels of advanced proficiency.  How do you know you're there?  When you can play a real guitar like it was an air guitar,

that's when you've got it."


-Adam Carder, Meta Music founder



One of the best features of Group Lessons is the flexible scheduling.  Just like our private lessons program, you'll pick a day and time that will typically work for you on a weekly basis.  If you ever need to reschedule, no problem!  You can book make up lessons at any time through our website and you'll have the added flexibility of using make up credits to join any group lesson class with an open spot!

If you'd like to get started right now, just give us a call at 404-458-6382!  You can also click the button below to enter your information and someone from our team will contact you within one business day.