Private lessons are the core of what we do, and we offer an experience you won't find anywhere else.
Based on the fundamental principles of language acquisition, we teach through a project-based, immersive approach that allows students of all ages to learn in a hyper engaging, exciting way.  
Our goal is to show students how to unlock the creativity that already exists within them.  We achieve this by creating a unique curriculum for each student based on their unique interests, personality, and learning style.  This "inside-out" approach is both fun and rewarding, which provides a strong foundation for us to continue to push through higher and higher levels of achievement.  When compared to traditional lessons that introduce music as an intensely academic experience, we have found that this creates a negative first impression and turns many people away from music.  
Everyone needs a creative outlet, and we are here to provide our students with the means of accessing and developing this skill so that it becomes a lifelong gift.   In fact, our philosophy teaches our students how to apply this to any discipline or field they choose and that is where the Meta comes from in Meta Music Education.
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