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This country-folk ensemble is ready to rock.

The Overtones.png, Meta Fest 2023, Meta Music Education, Meta Band Program

Space sloths bringing you classic rock straight from the nebulas.

Sloths in Space.png
Meta Fest 2023, Meta Music Education

Smooth indie tunes from Los Ninos Primero!

This band is the powerhouse of eclectic fusion!

The Mitochondrians.png
Meta Music Education, Meta Fest 2023

Pop and rock without the candy store. 


Turning up the heat with pop and rock jams!

Blazing rock from Los Ninos Primero!

Crimson Dawn_edited.jpg
Longbottom Swindlesworth.png, Meta Music Education, Meta Fest 2023

Bold name, bolder music. Get ready for avant-garde punk!

Alternative, early 00's rock. What's not to love?

Subterfuge.png, Meta Fest 2023, Meta Fest, Meta Music Education, Meta Music Band Program

Some things surpass generations. Disco is one of them. Watch this band get groovy!

Meta Fest 2023, Meta Music Education

A dreamscape of hard rock classics.

MetaFest 2023

Saturday - May 13th
11:00-3:00 @ Lucky's in Roswell

Ready to hear some great music, enjoy delicious cheeseburgers, and support our amazing partner organizations?  Sure you are!  

All you need to do is click the button below to join the guest list and you'll be ready to go.  We will email further updates such as lineup, contingency plans for rain, etc.  

Thanks for registering - we can't wait to see you at Lucky's in Roswell on Saturday, May 13th from 11:00-3:00pm!

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