Music 360

Start here, go anywhere

In Music 360, beginners learn the two most essential and universal aspects of music: rhythm & harmony.  Once these concepts are truly internalized, learning any instrument becomes so much easier.  It's like a cheat code!  The trick is to introduce the fundamentals in a way that doesn't feel like school.  

How does it work?

Put simply, we teach rhythm with the drums and harmony with the piano - then we put it all together with songwriting and jamming as a group.  This gives students a comprehensive experience and that's why we call it Music 360!

Our goal is to equip students with the tools and experience they’ll need to thrive in any musical environment and enable them to learn any instrument with ease because they’ve become fluent in the language of music.


Leveling Up

Our curriculum is designed so that each student can advance through each level at their own pace by completing a specific set of challenges, similar to how you would advance through different belts in Karate.  Because it doesn't feel like school, the kids learn a lot, have tons of fun, and are excited to come back each week!


Getting Started

If your kids are in elementary school, this is the perfect way to begin their path to musicianship.  To get started, click the link below or give us a call!