Meta Music

Policies and Procedures

Membership Plans:  

Before we get to all the formal agreement stuff, we'd like to mention that we think registration fees are lame.  Therefore, you will never be charged a registration fee, ever, for anything, ever.  Why would we charge you $30 to put your name in a computer?  If you insist on paying a registration fee, we invite you instead to make a donation to help fight pediatric brain tumors through our friends at www.Ian'  

Trial lessons: $75. 

No strings attached, no pressure, no commitment.  A great way to check out the studio, meet the staff, and get acquainted with what we do.

Active Membership: $58.75/lesson

This is our famous 45 minute weekly lesson format, billed every 4 weeks at $235 to the card provided at registration.  If you choose to use ACH or a debit card instead of a credit card we will apply a discount of $6 per transaction.  If your card information changes, please notify the office as soon as possible.  


For recurring lessons, you'll choose a day and time that works for you on a weekly basis.  However, we understand that there will be times when you need to reschedule.  In order to keep up with the enormous task of managing schedules for hundreds of students, we adhere to the following industry-standard procedures in the interest of treating everyone with respect and fairness.

  • For best results, all routine rescheduling matters should be done online in the student portal.  More information on the student portal is provided in the next section.

  • A make up credit will automatically be provided for any lesson rescheduled more than 36 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson time.  

  • Instead of rescheduling, consider a virtual lesson.  Virtual lessons are especially useful in cases of mild illness, bad weather, traffic, or if you just don't feel like leaving your house!

  • To redeem a make up credit, a student must be actively enrolled.  Make up credits never expire, but a student must be actively enrolled in order to redeem them.  Students can accumulate a maximum of 10 make up credits. 

  • If you need to reschedule a lesson with less than 36 hours notice and believe that the situation warrants an exception due to illness or family emergency, please notify the office as soon as possible. 


  • If you have any reason to suspect that you or anyone in your family is showing symptoms of Covid-19 or any other contagious illness, please contact the office as soon as possible. 

The Student Portal:  

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an email containing information about how to access the student portal online.  It is very important that you activate your student portal account because it is by far the best way to manage your schedule access lesson notes, and studio announcements/correspondence.   Please let us know if you have any trouble activating your account.   Once you have accessed the portal, we strongly recommend bookmarking the link and saving the login details to make accessing the portal as easy as opening an app.  

Note: The default landing page for your account won't give you much useful information.  Navigate to the calendar in the drop down menu on the left.  This is where you will see your schedule and book make up lessons.

Email/Text Correspondence:

By signing this agreement, you agree to allow the scheduling system to automatically send lesson reminders and important information via email and/or text.  You may change these settings once you have accessed your student portal, but we strongly recommend leaving the default reminder settings in place.

Photo Release Waiver: 

From time to time we will take photos and videos from around the studio to use on our website and social media etc.  By signing up for lessons or attending any Meta Music event, activity, or shindig, you agree to allow us to use images which may include, fully or partially, you and/or your children.  If you have specific circumstances such as participation in a witness protection program that we should know about, you must notify us in writing so we may honor your request.

Damage Policy:

If you or your child damages any equipment, gear, furniture, decor, or instruments you agree to pay to have the items in question replaced or repaired.  If the damage is due to reckless or intentional behavior, we reserve the right to suspend the student without refund until the items have been paid for or replaced.


To discontinue membership, in accordance with industry standards, 30 days notice must be provided in writing, either by email or by filling out a form in the office.  Importantly, we differ from other studios in a significantly student-friendly way: The 30 day notice policy does not mean that you will be billed for a full month of lessons if, for example, you give 27 days notice before the next billing date.  In other words, we count 4 lessons into the future and pause billing from there.  For example, if billing is scheduled to occur on the 15th of May and you provide notice of intent to discontinue membership on the 1st of May, you would only be charged for the 2 remaining lessons within that 30 day window, not another full month of tuition. 


If you aren't able to redeem all your make up credits before pausing lessons, don’t fret!  Any unused make up credits will still remain in the student’s account, associated with their scheduled teacher, which can be redeemed when the student returns to active status.  Please be aware that if we adjust pricing while you are away, the new rate would be in effect when you return.