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New: Group Lessons for Beginners!

Meta Music is excited to announce a brand new group lesson format - just for beginners.

Every parent knows that you want to get your kids exposed to music as early as possible...

but if you're like most parents with kids in elementary school, you're not quite sure if they're ready for private music lessons.

introducing: the perfect solution

On August 15th, Meta Music will launch the perfect companion to our flagship private lesson program:

Group Lessons specifically designed for beginners!

Group lessons are great because they allow students to learn the language of music in the same way that they learned to speak English...

with other people

From a teaching perspective, the hard part about group lessons is creating something that effectively teaches multiple students simultaneously without making it feel like school.

Designed to be the perfect balance between the total exploratory freedom of private lessons and the necessary structure of a classroom environment, group lessons allow younger students to progress at their own pace through a cleverly constructed curriculum that doesn't feel like school.

Parents love group lessons because they're cost-effective, kids love group lessons because they get to play with their friends, and teachers love group lessons because the gamified format makes it easy to keep their students engaged - even when it gets tricky!

Kids are able to find their instrument naturally, through direct experience, as a process of advancing through a series of specific milestones in four equally important areas:

  • Technical Skill

  • Music Theory

  • Performance

  • Creativity

We've been working behind the scenes for a really long time to create something that is both highly engaging and highly effective, and we're very confident that you'll love the results.

To celebrate, we're offering a lifetime discount to anyone that registers between now and midnight on July 31st!

Group Lessons begin August 15th, so register now to reserve the time that works best for you!

Click here to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity!

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