Our Recording Studio

Music is a language by every definition, so why not examine how we learned our native language and apply those same principles to becoming fluent in the language of music?  The recording studio gives us a unique way to immerse our students in the language of music and give them a dynamic, engaging experience.  In an era where entertainment options are abundant, we recognized the need to modernize the process of learning to play an instrument by making it as fun as possible without compromising any educational value.  In fact, what we have found is that students of all ages learn much faster when they're having fun.  

The primary purpose of our recording studio is to accelerate the learning process for our students.

Project-Based Learning, Personalized to Each Student

The personalized lesson plans are detailed in another section, but the studio serves a critical role in implementing these plans by facilitating collaboration between students and their teachers.  From a learning perspective, the act of completing a project gives the student a legitimate feeling of accomplishment that fuels the motivation to practice and improve even more.  

Feedback Loop for Improving

Instead of slogging through a method book, we build projects one musical piece at a time.  At the end of it, the student has a professionally recorded song that they can share with friends and family.  As projects accumulate, the student will have essentially created a timeline of their own development.  This allows them the priceless opportunity to listen back to earlier recordings as evidence of how much they've improved while also providing a means for self-analysis that would otherwise be impossible.

The Studio is Frickin' Awesome!

We have created a space that is not only unique, but is oozing with love, care, and attention to detail.  Everything in our studio was specifically designed to inspire creativity.  We reclaimed 115 year old barn wood from my family's farm in Tennessee and used it to make everything from the light fixtures to the headers for the sliding door to the main studio.  The acoustic treatment was all built and designed in-house to create functional art that helps suppress flutter echo while adding an element of surrealism.  We didn't just paint the walls, we painted murals of multi-colored geometric designs.  No bleh beige walls will ever be found here, and that makes a difference that you can feel as soon as you walk in.

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