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Since we opened in 2017, private lessons have been our flagship program.  We've made a name for ourselves by finding the best teachers on earth and giving them the tools they need to give each student what they need - and we deliver.   
Each teacher is capable of taking students to an expert level of proficiency, and because all of our teachers are trained multi-instrumentalists, they can also introduce their students to a wide range of instruments in a way that builds enthusiasm and momentum without losing sight of their  primary goal. 
At Meta Music, every lesson room is a unique recording studio environment.  This gives students an extraordinary experience that engages their creativity and inspires them to reach their full potential.  Any lesson can turn into a recording session if inspiration strikes, and because all of our teachers are also songwriters and producers, students will have everything they need to begin writing and recording their own music or covering their favorite songs.


To maximize the cognitive potential of each session, all lesson formats are 45 minutes long and we put a 15 minute gap between lessons.  The gap between lessons is tremendously valuable because it means that we will never have to stop early just to start the next lesson on time.  If you're running a couple minutes late, there's no need to panic because the built-in cushion means that you'll still be able to get your full lesson time.  

We understand how challenging it can be to shuffle the kids around from one after school activity to another.  Instead of adding to that stress, we pride ourselves on a flexible scheduling that makes your life easier. 


After you sign up, we'll call you to pick a day and time that fits your weekly schedule.  If you ever need to reschedule, no problem!  You can reschedule lessons 24 hours a day through the student portal.  We also offer virtual lessons, so if you're ever in a pinch, all we need is a couple minutes to make the transition from in-person to virtual over facetime, Zoom, or Google Meet.

Pricing Info

weekly lessons

Regular Rate: $58.75/session - $235 billed every 4 weeks*

*Discounts available for siblings and students that take more than one lesson per week