Because we are an educational facility, we are the ideal place to record your first professional quality album.  Learn as you go in a judgement-free zone and receive all the help you need with instrumentation, arrangement, and finishing touches.


Are you looking for a place to record a demo, rehearse for an upcoming show, or shoot a promo video... or all of the above?  
Our Main Room can accommodate 16 channel multi-track recordings at a price point that can't be beat and the visual aesthetics are truly remarkable.
Sessions are booked in 2 hour increments and includes a producer/engineer that will handle all of the technical work so you can focus on the music.  Even if you have no experience in a studio setting, we'll make you feel right at home.
Session pricing starts at $140 for each two hour block.  Pricing will fluctuate a bit because set up time varies depending on the band and a myriad of other details.  However, even on the higher end we are still the best deal in town. 
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