Recording Studio

Old School Meets New

Because we are an educational facility at heart, we offer a uniquely judgement-free space to write, record, and publish music.  Whether you have a ton of experience or none at all, we are uniquely capable of guiding you through the process of recording your music - professionally.

Whether you are a singer/songwriter or a full band, we can accommodate whatever your project requires.  If you're looking for an old school approach, The Main Room is an 18'x18' sound stage with up to 16 channels of live recording capacity.  If you'd like to achieve a more modern sound with less bleed, you can keep everyone separate by utilizing up to 6 isolation rooms.

The Network

If you need studio musicians to help you achieve the sound you're looking for, we have a huge network of top notch players with excellent attitudes that we can call upon to give a your project what it needs.  

Visual Appeal

Are you looking to shoot a music video, rehearse for an upcoming gig, or just need a place to jam and work out new material?  The aesthetics, vibe, and personality of our studio are unlike anything you'll find anywhere.


Getting Started

In the coming weeks, you will be able to book sessions right here on our website.  For the time being, the best way to get started is either to drop us an email to or call 404-458-META.