Here you will find links to all sorts of helpful resources, including links to directly to 

Amazon so you can scoop up anything you may need to create the perfect practice space!

Essential Gear for Virtual Lessons:

A few items that we strongly suggest to enhance the virtual experience

Essential Videos for Beginners:

Watch these videos before your first lesson and refer

to them until you don't need them anymore

Recommended Books

Most music books are outdated by the time they are printed, but the right

book can sometimes make all the difference.  Here we have cultivated a list of excellent materials that we think will help you on your journey, no matter what instrument(s) you're studying!

Looking to Upgrade Your Instruments?

If you're ready to make an investment in upgraded equipment or instruments, check out this list.  You won't find guitars/basses on this list because there are billions to choose from (and we usually recommend buying one used so if you need advice please let us know!) For everything else, including microphones and recording equipment, this will be a great way to start your journey.

Digital Student Binders

From August 2017-March 2020 we gave all new students a physical binder full of reference materials for all instruments.  When we closed for the pandemic, we took the opportunity to review everything about Meta Music and realized that 3-ring binders full of paper are just not necessary any more.  Now everything is easily accessible right here so you don't have to keep up with a physical binder and we don't have to kill so many trees to print them!  Everything here is available for download as many times as you need or you can simply bookmark pages that you refer to often.

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