more than just music lessons...

we teach the art of learning 

Meta Music Education is a truly innovative learning experience that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.  Anchored by a project-based curriculum and an immersive approach, our students learn to speak the language of music in the same way that they learned to speak their very first language: naturally and in a way that doesn't feel like more school!

Importantly, everything we do is built on the concepts of Meta-Learning.  This rapidly emerging field is transforming education and is where we got our name.*  At it's core, Meta-Learning is teaching the art and science of learning itself.  The beauty of this is that these principles and techniques can be applied to any subject, skill, or discipline including languages, mathematics, chess, and even athletics.  To learn more, click the button below!



immersive  |  project-based  |  innovative

Meta Music is immersive, project-based music education for people of all ages.

Our innovative approach to music education adapts to the unique personality, interests, and learning style of each student.  We show students how music can be their creative outlet and a catalyst for tremendous inner growth discovery.


Most importantly, we show them how the lessons that music teaches us can be applied to all aspects of their life.

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safe  |  professional   |  judgement-free

Professional recording studio, at your service.

Meta Music offers a uniquely judgement-free space to write, record, and even publish your music.  Whether you have tons of experience or none at all, our team of producers and engineers will make you shine.

tremendous inner growth discovery.


Whether you're a Meta Music student, a band, or just somebody that has always wanted to record a song, the studio experience is unlike anything else.


Summer Immersion Camps 

engineering  |  songwriting  |  jamming

Summer Camp is a week-long immersion program that provides up to 6 hours of in-depth experiential learning that covers a wide range of topics.

Participation is capped at 10 students to ensure that everyone gets a ton of individual attention and we're proud to say that it sells out every year!

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