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What is Camp at Meta Music?

Each week of camp is essentially a recording session designed for beginners and intermediate students.  It's highly collaborative, highly supportive, and kids tell us all the time that it was the best camp they've ever done!


Each day is a full day of writing, recording, and jamming with friends.  Our super talented staff of teachers and producers guide students through the process of making music as a group - covers, originals, and everything in between. 


We build the theme of each week based on what types of music each unique group of students actually wants to play.   Each week culminates with a live performance, an "album release party" or a "show and tell" depending on what the groups have been working on all week.  

Camps are limited to 12 students each week so we can ensure that everyone gets a lot of individual attention and the results speak for themselves.  Every camp sells out and every camper leaves ready to come back for another round!

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