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Student Staff -  Training

There is literally nothing more important than having an excellent staff, so we don't mess around - our expectations are unapologetically high.  However, if you've made it to this page it is because we believe that you have something to contribute and we genuinely appreciate you for taking the necessary steps to explore the possibilities ahead.

Meta Music is growing rapidly and there are several roles to fill.  The purpose of the training process is to determine if you'd be an excellent addition to the team and to determine what role you would best fit your personality and skill set.  

The Process

Student Staff Application Form

To get started, please fill out this application form.  If you have already completed this step, proceed to the online training modules.


Online Training Modules

Once you have completed the application form, click here to access our training modules.  Training is broken into two distinct parts: Philosophy and Tactical/Practical.  

Important: Not every role will involve teaching.  However, everyone must be prepared to help in a teaching capacity (just in case) even if your primary role is in another area.  Furthermore, the skills that we teach in these training mods will make you a better artist/musician so you will benefit either way!


You'll learn the most essential aspects of who we are, our core values, our purpose, what we do, why we do it, and mutual expectations.  Do not skip any of the presentations or videos.   


Here we'll teach you the fundamental skills necessary to contribute as an assistant teacher.  This begins with an excellent training video by Gabe on Logic Essentials and is supplemented by a curated list of supplemental videos that are must-watch even if you already have a bit of knowledge. 


*We will be adding materials to the Tactical/Practical section over the coming weeks that will specifically focus on our unique approach to teaching, tips/tricks, and real-world advice on how to be an excellent influence on our students.

In-Person Training Sessions

When you have competed the online training modules, it is time to begin your in-person training.  Student Staff must complete 3 hours of in-person training sessions.  These sessions can be booked through the Meta Music student portal or by contacting the office.


Once you have completed the training program we will meet with you to determine your specific role at the studio and get you on the schedule!


Questions?  Email Taylor or call 404-458-META


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