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The Origin Story of Meta Music

How a steady stream of failure eventually led to a breakthrough

I decided to start playing when the market crashed in 2008.  I had just graduated college and had no prospects for a job, so I thought it was a good opportunity to learn a new skill since I was looking at least a few years of bartending in my near future.  After 3 failed auditions at The Atlanta Institute of Music, I finally got in.

I struggled.  Hard.

I approached it like an engineer, trying to be as academic about it as I possibly could because I thought that was what you were supposed to do.... and it broke me.  Going about it like that left no room for having any fun and it became extremely stressful.  It was the opposite of what I expected.

Eventually I met a teacher that showed me another way.  The complete opposite way, actually.  Essentially, his philosophy boiled down to this:


"Music is a language, not an endless series of facts to memorize.  You didn't learn to speak English because you learned all the rules first, or because you learned to read it first.  You learned to speak it based on what you wanted to say, and you were surrounded by experts to help you.  You were immersed in it so deeply that you didn't even know that you were learning - so you learned very, very quickly."

That changed everything for me and the rest, as they say, is history.  Not only did I become a much better musician, I had a completely new relationship with music.  In fact, this new paradigm shift enabled me to learn several instruments simultaneously, all much quicker than I had learned my first instrument. 


Why?  Because I had learned how to learn, and I was having a blast.


The "Meta" part of Meta Music Education comes from the idea that it's about far more than just learning how to play an instrument - our students are learning how to learn.   One could argue that this is the ultimate skill, a super power, because it can be applied to anything.  


Becoming a musician is a fantastic way to connect with your own creativity, learn how to express it, and develop a profound, lifelong skill from the inside out.   


You're already a musician, and we're here to help you discover that part of yourself.

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