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Learning to play could be the best part of your day

join a community of students, families, and teachers totally invested in your success

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extraordinary teachers

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Did you know?

1. You don't need to read sheet music.

2. If you like music, you can play music.

3. Playing music is one of the best things you can do for your brain at any age 


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Reviews & Testimonials


"My boys love it there... Meta Music is like therapy for their souls."

- Christie Hunt, Riverwood Mom


What is Meta Music?

Learning how to play music can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.  I should know because when I was younger I tried all the hard ways.  All of them.  My name is Adam Carder, and I founded Meta Music because I wanted to create the thing I wish I had when I was younger. 


Everyone deserves a creative outlet, especially nowadays.  If you're interested in music, we're here to help...


We believe that it is our responsibility to make meaningful contributions to the Sandy Springs community beyond the scope of our day-to-day work.  As part of this commitment, we have aligned ourselves with the following world-class non-profit organizations. Each of them have been carefully chosen based on their track record of excellence.

Leadership Sandy Springs

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