Instruments Taught

We teach Music with a capital 'M', which means that we don't just teach you where to put your fingers, we teach you how to become fluent in the language of Music so that you can play anything.

As an English speaker, you don't just communicate with one instrument. You can use a typewriter, pen, crayon, a can of spray paint, spoken words, or any number of other options. In the case of the typewriter/keyboard You might need to develop some technique to maximize the utility, but you already know how to speak the language - and that is the critical point. As an integral part of the learning process, the typical Meta Music student learns to play multiple instruments at a high level.

The following list covers the instruments that we currently offer.

Guitar Piano/Keyboard Bass Drums Ukulele Voice Trumpet Saxophone Violin exploratory lessons for beginners Songwriting/Composition Music Theory Production/Engineering Mixing/Mastering Recording Sound Design